Monterey County Honor Ensembles

Each year, Monterey Jazz Festival selects top students from across Monterey County to participate in middle and high school big bands, and a vocal ensemble. Led by MJF Education Director Paul Contos (High School All-Star Band) and renowned educator Dr. Rob Klevan (Honor Vocal and Middle School Band) and Mrs. Janice Perl (Honor Vocal), each all-star ensemble rehearses twice monthly (daily at MJF's annual Summer Camp) while working on ensemble skills--includes phrasing, blending, improvisation and rhythmic feel, while exploring a range of jazz styles. The MJF High School All-Stars also perform across Monterey County, at the Next Generation Jazz Festival, and far beyond, testing their chops on the bandstand while bringing great music to the community. In summer 2015, the high school ensembles traveled to Washington D.C., where they performed at the Kennedy Center, the National Archives, and the Bohemian Caverns jazz club.

2018-19 Monterey County High School All-Star Band
Director: Mr. Paul Contos

Camryn Wood, alto sax / Pacific Grove High School
Jadan Adams, alto sax / Monterey High School
Siena Fisk, tenor sax / Pacific Grove High School
Sam Wisner, tenor sax / York School
Spencer Gagos, tenor sax / Stevenson School
Ealaph Tabbaa, baritone sax / Carmel High School  

Chris Matthews / Pacific Grove High School
Elijah Taurke / Pacific Grove High School
Bennett Bishop / Pacific Grove High School
Evan Barnes, bass trombone / Monterey High School

Alana Henden / Pacific Grove High School
Adam Shapiro / York School
Ryan Knight / Carmel High School
Kenji Penniman / Pacific Grove High School
Delbert Truong / Pacific Grove High School
Nathan Binder / Pacific Grove High School      

Jordi Faxon, piano / Carmel High School
Nathan Nguyen, guitar / York School
Aaron Georis, bass / Carmel High School
Alternate: Philip Tuffs, bass / Homeschool
Zion Saleem, drums / Monterey High School
Elan Hornik, drums / Carmel High School
Alex Faxon, percussion / Carmel High School

2018-19 Monterey County High School Honor Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Directors: Ms. Janice Perl & Dr. Rob Klevan

Savannah Allen / Carmel High School
Jessica Boles / Notre Dame High School
Pascale Montgomery / Carmel High School
Mia Poletti / Carmel High School
Emilie Shut / Trinity Christian High School
Alternate: Mariana Zoellin / Pacific Grove High School

Jessica Badiny / Monterey High School
Leila Chappell / Carmel High School
Lauren Holdridge / Homeschool
Nora MacKinnon / Trinity Christian High School
Katie Wheeler / Notre Dame High School
Alternate: Olivia Kadosh / Carmel High School

Isaiah Boulware / Pacific Grove High School
Laurel Bowen / Pacific Grove High School
Tyra Domalaog / Pacific Grove High School

Jeremiah Lamph / Carmel High School
Jeremiah Lee / Trinity Christian High School
John Selin / Trinity Christian High School
Alternate: Isaac Marquez / Trinity Christian High School

2018-19 Monterey County Middle School Honor Band
Director: Dr. Rob Klevan

Tatum Sanders, alto sax 1 / Palma School
Brianna Bailey, alto sax 2 / International School of Monterey
Robert Gomez, tenor sax 1 / Carmel Middle School
Nathan Wasson, tenor sax 2 / San Benancio Middle School
Xavier Macias, baritone sax / San Benancio Middle School

Alexis Rodas-Mendoza / Pacific Grove Middle School
Carl Nielsen / Palma School
Jose Romero / Pacific Grove Middle School
Jack Uchida-Dohrmann / San Benancio Middle School

William Coen / Pacific Grove Middle School
Michael Edwards / San Benancio Middle School
Johnny Klevan / Pacific Grove Middle School
Briana Romo / San Benancio Middle School

Adrian Hernandez, piano / Walter Colton Middle School
Tanner Downing-McAdams, guitar / International School of Monterey
Tommy Ducker, bass / Palma School
Rey Avila, drums / Pacific Grove Middle School
Pablo Sanchez, drums / Santa Catalina School

Jenna Beesley, vocals / San Carlos School