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MJF 62 Poster 2019The MJF62 poster for 2019 was created by designer and illustrator Jeff Rogers who works out of his studio (The Pencil Factory) in Brooklyn, New York.

Using letters as his preferred subject of image making, he has worked with a wide variety of clients including Nike, Google, Nickelodeon, YouTube, Ray-Ban, and many others creating strategic, joyful and memorable work. He has received numerous accolades from the Type Directors Club, Communication Arts and Print magazines, the One Show and others. Shop now.




The Art of Jazz: Monterey Jazz Festival / 50 Years

Showcasing 50 years of Monterey Jazz Festival images, The Art of Jazz tells the story of the Festival through its graphic imagery and photographic moments, capturing the experience through posters, program covers, and exclusive photographs dating back to 1958.

Released in 2007, The Art of Jazz includes a list of artists who have performed at the Festival, along with a decade-by-decade look at the world and the Festival.
The Art of Jazz is available in three editions: the Retail Edition, the Gift Edition, and the Limited Edition. Own a piece of Monterey history!

Collect Earl Newman’s Hand-Silkscreened Monterey Jazz Festival Posters

Please visit the website of Earl Newman to see Earl’s Monterey Jazz Festival hand-silkscreened posters from 1963-2014.

A 51-year vendor at the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Smithsonian’s Divison of Musical History in Washington, D.C. acquired a complete collection of Earl's numbered/signed edition of Monterey Jazz Festival posters dating back to 1963.